Why are the prices of retailers so staggeringly different? What gives a brand an edge over another? Caona is ready to inform you about the reasons to stay away from big luxury brands and start learning to shop smart (and beautifully). 

1. Our designer jewelry from the best artisans out there

Think of a farmer’s market, or maybe a doctor’s practice. The reason that these coalitions work so well is because they are a sizeable group of skilled individuals who bring different talents to the metaphorical table that we are alluding to here. At Caona we have been working for the last 15 years to perfect our personal jewelry coalition. We have sourced from all over Latin America to form a group of local artists designing stunning pieces for just about anyone out there. When you as a customer pick out a piece from our collections, know that we have hand-picked the most talented individuals to imagine, design and create the selection soon to become part of your daily style.


2. We cut out the middleman: savings for us and you

What is the difference between a luxury brand and any other brand? Sure, there is quality, but that is not always the case. The difference is middlemen and premiums. Quality makes items more expensive, but after that, it is up to the company to choose their additional costs. Caona has eliminated the middleman and doesn’t charge the premium that so many other brands choose to enforce. There are no retail channels from our door to yours. There is just you and us. And that is the way that it should be. You have enough rent to pay on your own. Don’t pay for your brands’ as well.

3. We are online first with reliable and convenient shipping

Shopping rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets should not be complicated. You should be able to search the jewelry you like, pick out selections, and have it arrive at your door days later. Having an online store means that Caona has perfected proficiency in shipping and exerts excellence in getting your items to you in the most expedited way possible. Why get out of bed if you don’t need to? We’ve mastered eCommerce so that you can just focus on your style.

4. Global sourcing and handmade production

There is a reason why having the label “handmade” on a product makes the item so much more valuable. But before we can even get to making our jewelry, we have to acquire the materials. We source supplies from all over the globe. And the reason why we do this is the same reason that we went all over Latin America to find our artisans. We do this to get the very best quality for our products and for the individuals wearing it. There are no manufacturing lines. There is no large machinery. There are just dedicated employees making unique and striking pieces. The beautiful thing about handmade jewelry is that you are getting rings, earrings and necklaces that are completely exclusive and irreplaceable.

5. Our nature inspired collections

If you have ever gone outside for a walk, and it doesn’t matter what season, or where even, but you’ve probably looked around. Regardless of where you were, every inch of nature in your view was different. Every way that you turned, you could see a naturally formed illustration of uniqueness. This is where Caona gets its inspiration. We’ve mixed gold with cantaloupe seeds and coral; we’ve combined horn with zirconia, and paired pearl and peridots. The outcome? Something you couldn’t even find in nature if you tried.


6. Strict quality testing that guarantees lasting pieces

There’s something about 15 years of experience that teaches you a thing or two about making things last. And we know that there is nothing worse than buying something, only to have it fall apart a few weeks later. Before anything leaves our hands to go to yours, it undergoes a number of checks by the designers on hand. We find out it won’t last? Then it never even gets shipped. And that’s the beauty again of handmade. Not only is everything created by hand, but it is also checked the same way and with the same amount of care.

7. A large selection that allows anyone to match their style

No one has the same style. Your style is different than your sisters, or than your neighbors, or from the random stranger you saw while grocery shopping. Caona recognizes that every piece is not going to be for every person who shops here. But this is why we have launched over 50 designs and there are many more coming your way. We’ll keep coming out with designs because just like Prom where your biggest nightmare was having the same dress as one of your classmates, no one wants to have the same jewelry as every stranger on the street.

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