Bohemian Soho

Caona Design

Our Bohemian Soho overloads your senses with its colorful multilayered resin and a 5mm pearl setting. This piece has been exclusively sculpted by hand to bring out its irresistible beauty and to emphasize unique features that come from using a combination of vibrant colors and different techniques.

Choose from two different color schemes: peach, blue and translucent baby pink or orange red and translucent blue ice.

Original and contemporary, this ring is a treasure for today’s modern woman.

All of our jewelry comes with an authenticity certificate. 


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Sizing Chart
 Size  Finger Diameter Finger Circumference
6.0 16.5 mm 52.0 mm
6.5 16.9 mm 53.0 mm
7.0 17.5 mm 55.0 mm
7.5 18.2 mm 57.0 mm