Charming Brodway

Caona Design

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Color Resina

Our ring Charming Broadway  is one more expression of the encapsulated pearl.

This square baroque cultured fresh water pearl look differs from our other encapsulated versions because of its shape and size, covering the majority of the surface underlying the transparent dome hovering the pearl. Our expert artisan craftsmanship creates this magnificent clean transparency of the resin . The piece is finished undoubtedly Caona with a 4mm blue topaz set in a bezel and embedded in the center of the pearl resin surface. The look is sleek and minimalistic.

We offer three alternatives of this exceptional design.

One is the minimalistic look per se where there is no color but the one of your skin mirrored though the molded and polished resin.

The skin the pearl and the transparent structure confluence among each other creating a magnificent minimalistic, elegant and sophisticated one of a kind look.

The two other proposals are based on the relation of color and contrast.

It is a must piece and like all our jewelry counts with our warranty and  certificateate of authenticity.


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Sizing Chart
 Size  Finger Diameter Finger Circumference
6.0 16.5 mm 52.0 mm
6.5 16.9 mm 53.0 mm
7.0 17.5 mm 55.0 mm
7.5 18.2 mm 57.0 mm