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These unique earrings come from our metal line and as always were handmade by our best artisans. we carefully developed a polished texture called “Tierra de Sueños” or “Dream Land”. The distinctive flowing leaf formations create a see through drawing on your skin.

Our Anne's Garden is a charming, lightweight gold plated set of earrings featuring the lucky tree leaf decorated with a 3mm cabochon center stone in three different colors: turquoise, pearl or coral. 

This piece will instantly give you an appealing, textured look that can accent any style of your choice. We consider it a wear all day piece!

All of our handmade jewelry has free shipping and comes with an authenticity certificate.


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Sizing Chart
 Size  Finger Diameter Finger Circumference
6.0 16.5 mm 52.0 mm
6.5 16.9 mm 53.0 mm
7.0 17.5 mm 55.0 mm
7.5 18.2 mm 57.0 mm