Blissful Madison

Caona Design

Our Blissful Madison, an exclusive piece of contemporary jewelry and fusion of modern materials, creates an irresistible allure for every day wear. Handcrafted by our professional artisans with the finest of resins in a vibrant orange yellow color, classic baroque simulating petals for a flower form and first quality stone gems.

This ring is decorated and embellished with a 3mm white CZ on a prong 14 carat G.F. setting, an exceptional piece of art to wear, perfect for those who want sophistication in a unique noticeable look.  

All of our jewelry comes with an authenticity certificate.


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Sizing Chart
 Size  Finger Diameter Finger Circumference
6.0 16.5 mm 52.0 mm
6.5 16.9 mm 53.0 mm
7.0 17.5 mm 55.0 mm
7.5 18.2 mm 57.0 mm